Prism Pendant, Opal
Prism Pendant, Opal

Prism Pendant, Opal

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The ALICE PIERRE Prism Collection is a mesmerizing ensemble that weaves together the geometric beauty of hexagons, a kaleidoscope of precious and semi-precious stones, and delicate miniaturized accents. The very essence of this collection is a testament to the ever-passing moments of time, making each piece a timeless work of art.

The centerpiece of each jewelry piece within the Prism Collection is an exquisite hexagon, meticulously crafted to perfection. These hexagons feature a symphony of different stones, each chosen for its unique color, brilliance, and significance. The stones, carefully set to form a harmonious blend, reflecting the myriad hues and facets of time – from the serene blues reminiscent of dawn to the fiery reds of dusk.

Complementing the larger hexagon pieces are delicate miniaturized elements, akin to the smaller, nuanced moments in our lives that should not go unnoticed. These miniature accents, intricately designed and thoughtfully placed, create a sense of completeness within each piece, mirroring the intricate details that make up the larger mosaic of our existence.

  • 14K solid gold
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Opal center stone measures at 3.8mm
  • Wine enamel
  • Pendant measures at approximately 1.25" x 1" (including bail/loop)