Our Story

ALICE PIERRE is a Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand. Our purpose is to become an extension of a woman’s style in her defining moments and everyday life. ALICE PIERRE pieces are thoughtfully made with passionate attention to detail and quality. When you wear our jewelry, we want you to feel empowered and inspired. 

Alice Basteguian, founder and designer, is a third-generation jeweler inspired by heirloom jewelry, architecture, and ethnic patterns. While working on a personal piece, Alice drew inspiration from a vintage ring handmade by her grandfather. The nostalgic association to that piece, coupled with a creative passion and love for jewelry sparked an unwavering desire to design her first collection.  


In collaboration with her brother, Pierre, who runs the family-owned jewelry factory founded by their grandfather, Alice's designs are brought to life with quality artisanship. ALICE PIERRE jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles and we are committed to using sustainable and ethically sourced materials. With a focus on texture, geometric shapes and clean lines, each piece combines a modern aesthetic with a vintage soul.