City Enamel Ring
City Enamel Ring

City Enamel Ring

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The ALICE PIERRE City Collection is simple in silhouette and satisfyingly solid. These alluringly architectural pieces use depth and a textured finish to redefine jewelry classics.
Equidistant slashes in 14k yellow gold transform the buttery surface of these pieces into a striking juxtaposition of light and shadow. The lineup of long, lean, shapes just might remind you of the towering skyline of a bustling metropolis filled with skyscrapers, stories, and secrets. The effect is strong and subtle, understated and unforgettable.

The City Collection pieces are bold statement-makers that are not afraid to stand alone.

    • 14K Gold
    • Handmade in Los Angeles
    • High Polish Finish
    • Color Enamel
    • Widest part of band measures at 10mm (or 1cm)