Geo Square Bracelet
Geo Square Bracelet

Geo Square Bracelet

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The ALICE PIERRE Geo Collection was born from the joy of artistic exploration. These light and lovely designs take the classic Alice Pierre aesthetic principles of texture and geometry to a new level by piercing through the 14k solid gold forms with carefully placed cutouts.
These peek-a-boo tastes of negative space provide a place to breathe, a moment of peace for the eye and the mind to better appreciate the beauty of the whole. It’s a design detail that allows the entire piece to become texture, rather than simply having texture applied to its surface.
Many of the Geo Collection pieces are petite, but their precise proportions and gorgeous geometry mean they pack a serious style punch. Available in a number of styles, both with a smooth, high polish finish or with dynamic diamond-cut details.
  • 14K gold
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Textured, high polish finish
  • Square measures at approximately 0.25" across all sides
  • Full length of bracelet measures at 6.5"